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Every moment we’re awake, we’re exposed to more advertising than our brains could ever possibly absorb. Nearly 10 hours a day. Seventy hours a week. More than 30 years of our lives are spent consuming media. You’d better believe it’s making a huge impact on us and rewiring our brains in ways we can’t even fully comprehend.

Madison Avenue is well aware of this, and they know that in order to make their product stand out, they have to get to the heart of what motivates us as humans. And because we all come from different backgrounds and have different life experiences, those motivations can vary greatly.

As a salesperson, your challenge is to figure out what’s motivating the client sitting across from you right now. The good news is that it’s not that difficult to do, and if you ask the right questions (and really listen to the answers), you’ll be well ahead of your competition and on your way to winning the sale.

I recently hosted a webinar on the secrets of buying psychology where I discussed the five categories of people you’re likely to encounter in a sales situation (you can listen to it here), and the largest group by far is “The Joiners." They make up about 40 percent of the population so it’s well worth your time to learn what makes them tick. By understanding their strongest psychological motivators, you’ll be equipped to get them what they want more efficiently, which in turn will rapidly increase your sales.

Let’s start with a quick rundown on The Joiner.

  • Who are they? These are the people who want to join clubs, be part of their community, and feel a general sense of connection.
  • What’s their biggest fear? Change
  • What motivates them? For things to stay the same.

So how can you identify them? It’s simple. You ask the Power Question: What’s most important to you about _________?

The conversation might go something like this:

You: What is it about the home you buy that’s most important to you?

Buyer: I want to live in a community with some really nice neighbors where the are plenty of clubs to join.

(Here’s another way to identify if you’re working with a Joiner. Look at their car. Do they have stick figure family stickers, or a licence plate supporting a particular team? This can be a quick indication that they’re part of the 40 percent.)

The Joiner’s main focus isn’t that their new home has a pool or falls within a certain budget. They’re interested in stability and putting down roots. Once you hear them talk about these things, you can begin to position yourself as someone who understands their needs - and can help them get exactly what they want.

Here’s how the rest of that conversation will play out for the salesperson who’s really listening to what the buyer is saying:

You: I’ve lived in this community for a long time and there are a lot of really great people here who look out for each other. I think it could be everything you’re looking for.”

Buyer: (Smiles brightly because someone actually paid attention to what they said.)

It’s a win-win situation. You’re likely to get the sale, and your buyer will be getting what they want more efficiently. And they’re probably going to tell their friends what a great experience they had working with you, which is the best advertising you can possibly get (take that, Don Draper!).

So, here’s your homework.

  1. Practice and play
  2. Start asking the Power Question
  3. Ask it multiple ways
  4. Write your scripts - or steal mine
  5. Take ACTION

The difference between those who succeed and those who succeed at the highest levels is the speed of implementation, so don’t put this off. Try these strategies at your next appointment and be sure to leave a comment on how it goes. I think you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll see results. Good luck!

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