The new book from Dan Stewart

Seriously Happy

A salesperson's guide from contacts to contracts.

Expect to be inspired...

Millions of people working in sales would rather be doing something else. They didn’t grow up with a dream of being 200% to quota. They wanted to be doctors, lawyers, teachers, firefighters and astronauts – and now they’re suffering insane amounts of stress and role rejection.

I know, because this was me.

My childhood idols were Michelangelo and DaVinci. I wanted to draw and paint and design and build and think and experiment. Life had other plans. After earning a degree in Theatre, I was qualified to continue waiting tables or get a job in sales.

In Seriously Happy, you’ll hear about my journey from newly hired (and really bad) salesperson to serial founder of multiple multi-million dollar companies. You’ll learn how to stop suffering from role rejection and earn a fantastic income – without becoming a manipulator or compromising your integrity.

I’ll teach you how to build instant rapport with anyone, how to position yourself to win every client, and how to nurture your database in a way that produces never-ending opportunities while bringing you closer to the people you serve.

Meet Dan Stewart

Dan is an expert marketer, entrepreneur and professional speaker. He went to college on an acting scholarship and then founded multiple, multi-million dollar companies. He is brilliant, hilarious, motivating and highly impactful. Dan will take your audience on an emotional journey that leaves them feeling hungry to achieve any goal. He speaks on a variety of topics including sales, personal achievement, leadership, and entrepreneurialism.

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